Hiring is Broken Dec 27, 2018 This originally appeared in Fast Company back in 2015. Much has changed since its original publication. I hope to write future posts looking back on this project and how it worked out. Long ago, the business world settled on a conventional hiring process. And while some companies are experimenting with their own approaches, the standard elements – a cover letter, resume, and interview – still prevail in most places.
Wireguard > OpenVPN Dec 27, 2018

This post will guide you through the most basic Wireguard scenario: connecting from a remote device (“peer”) to a server somewhere out there through which you want to route your traffic securely.

Unbreaking On-call Nov 29, 2018

While we had a great mentality of sharing the burden of on-call duties by requiring everyone to participate, we had some seriously broken on-call hygiene.

First post Sep 4, 2018 This might get interesting, if I find the time.